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About Edison

Edison International School was the first International School in Okayama City.  We have been providing quality English education for children since 2002.  It was started by Mr. Adam C Turnbull.  Mr. Turnbull studied Education and Teaching at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  After graduation he taught English to children in China then came to Japan.    Unsatisfied with results he studied the Montessori method for over 5 years and designed a new system of teaching children the English language.   Edison’s method is unique to Japan and one of the most effective programs available.  

The school was inspired by Thomas Edison and Maria Montessori.  Edison the inventor was always looking for new ways of doing things and his inventions changed the world.  Maria Montessori was the founder of an education method based on the principle “help me to do it myself “ by building the child’s confidence and self esteem using quality materials designed for children.  As is obvious when you watch us, there is a lot of thought and imagination put into our classes.  Unrivaled in method AND materials we appeal to parents who want the very best results for their child.

About Montessori

Work with us : We are looking for Hoikushi 保育士 1,500 Yen/hr
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